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"Arthur the Witch by Donna Scott, a stylishly-told glimpse into the mindset of an earlier century by an incisive modern eye,navigates similarly murderous and occult reaches of the local spectrum, givinga meaty humanity to the burned-flesh barbecue pall of witch lore that still persists across the county."

"The writers represented in Shoes, Ships &Cadavers: Tales from North Londonshire have crafted visions of the town that are distinct and separate, covering a generous and sweeping arc of this tinyand yet deceptively expansive area of spacetime… I read this in a single sitting, something that I can't remember managing with an anthology for a considerable while. I don't expect to read a book this year that is more personally satisfying or a greater cause for optimism. Passionately recommended."


 Alan Moore, from his introduction.


Donna Scott provides a convincing story set in the daysof witch mania with Arthur the Witch. The style is authentic and intense, thedescription and raw emotion of the piece completely engaging.

Terry Grimwood


Long Fiction

Vicious Circle, 2012. Northampton Central Library Publications.

Short Fiction

"The Grimoire" - Noir, Newcon Press, 2014

"Hands" - Daughters of Icarus, Pink Narcissus,2013.

"Beachworld" -The Sixty: Arts of Andy Bigwood, Immanion Press, 2011.

"Arthur the Witch" - Shoes,Ships and Cadavers, Newcon Press 2010.

"Lord of the Lyceum" -The Bitten Word, Newcon Press 2010. Honourable Mentions longlisted by Ellen Datlow for The Year's Best Horror 2010.

"Fools Gold" - Under the Rose, Norilana Press 2009

"Nadja" -Ink Magazine, 2007

"Avatar" - Women Who Write Anthology 2006

"Gingerbread" - winner of a place at mac ShortCuts, inaugural event in 2005, judged by Helen Cross. Also published by Lit-net HERE.

"La Sirene" - published on Bloodlust-UK 2005

"Walking the Dog" - Wolverhampton Write Now 2003

"Small Snatches" - Ink or Whim 2002

Winner - Compton Writers Open Competition 2002

Runner-up Black Country Bugle Christmas Memories Competition 2002


Review - End of the Road, Solaris, ed. Jonathon Oliver, Vector, forthcoming

Review - Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill, Vector, forthcoming

Review - Blackbird by Chuck Wendig, Vector, forthcoming

Review -The Paris Wife by Paula Maclain- Virago Press First Look

Review - Damage by Josephine Hart - Virago Press First Look

Review - Perfect Livesby Polly Samson - Virago Press First Look

Review -The Snow Child by Eowen Ivey,Waterstones Advanced Reviews, 17.

Review -Kultus by Richard Ford, Vector, Summer 2013

Review -Black Halo by Sam Sykes, Vector, Autumn 2011

Review -The Black Prism by Brent Weeks, Vector, Spring 2011

"Love in This Club" - Chortle, September 2010

Review - We, by John Dickinson, Vector, Winter 2010

Review of 2009 - Vector -Winter/Spring 2010

Review ofThe Kindom Beyond the Waves, by Stephen Hunt - Vector - Winter/Spring 2010

Review of Fabulous Whitby, Vector - Spring 2009

Review of Myth-Understandings,Vector - Spring 2009

Review - Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Matrix, June 2009

Review of Cloverfield - Matrix 2008

Review of Necronomicon:The Best Weird Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft (Gollancz S.F.) - Vector 2008

Review ofThe Wolfman by Nikolas Pekearo - Vector 2008

Review of Resident Evil - Matrix 2008


 "Life on Mars" - X Marks the Spot, Newcon Press, 2016

"Wetsuits" - Peasants With Pens, 2016 

On Receiving a Work of Art (Box Pleat)

I Love Cakes


Four Gathered- acollection of live performances from Donna Scott (first Bard of Northampton),Mark Niel (Milton Keynes' first Poet Laureate and multiple slam champion), Fay Robertsand Danni Antagonist (Poetry Kapow!). Price £5. Available wherever we are, orwrite to us if you fancy getting hold of your CD! Available from May 2011.

"excellent poems" - Gary Longden, Behind theArras.

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