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Or have a browse of these great sites instead!

BSFA - quite simply the place to turn if you want to keep in touch with what's happening in SF and the wider world of fandom... and I'm the Chair!
Spacewitch - for a wealth of titles from independent genre publishers and more.

Visionary Tongue - Dark Fantasy poetry and prose magazine; edited by myself and Jamie Spracklen

Newcon Press - my mate Ian Whates's publishing company
Ian Watson - he is just marvellous.
Kim Lakin-Smith - fall under the spell of her writing.
Mark Niel - fabulously entertaining performance poet, an utter inspiration, and the first Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes.
Danie Ware - Event organiser for Forbidden Planet - also a hot new novelist!
Gareth L Powell - Science Fiction Writer who often writes cool, sage pieces of wisdom on the art of writing.
Mark West - Writer, comedy fan, afficionado of all things pulp and horror.
Paul Cornell - Novelist, comic writer, TV writer - is there anything this guy doesn't do?

Dark Fiction Magazine - a monthly short fiction audio podcast zine featuring at least 4 themed genre stories per episode. I have narrated a couple of them.

Rrrants - Rhythmical Ravings and Rants - spoken word collective.