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Donna Scott

Really, really funny.

– BBC Radio Derby

Next Gigs and Appearances

Gigs and Things

Here are my next few in person appearances: Comedy at Wellingborough Rugby Club - 25th March 2022 Finedon gig - 1st April 2022

Eastercon Reclamation 15th &16th April, Heathrow Donna Scott: Weird Sense of Tumour/Ishi Khan Jackson: Love, Desires and Strawberries - The Lab, Northampton, April 28th 2022 Chillercon Scarborough - May 23rd-26th 2022

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen - 31st May 2022 #BrightonFringe

Donna Scott: Weird Sense of Tumour - The Caxton Arms, 31st May 2022 #BrightonFringe

SciFi Weekender - Great Yarmouth 10th-13th November 2022


The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen had a splendid outing at Leicester Comedy Festival with 3 fabulous shows.
You can catch the companions next at Brighton Fringe Festival from 28th May to 1st June, and then at the New Wimbledon theatre on 12th June. In the meantime, why not check out our splendiferous animation which has garnered a plethora of shiny awards. This year, the Barons made the semi-finals of The London International Web & Shorts Film Festival 2021, plus made their selection for March as Best Animation in London Webfest and we won Best Shorts in the Best Short Competition, and a Merit for animation in Children/Family programming.

Check out our animation here.

I have created a playlist on Spotify for my new solo show Donna Scott: Weird Sense of Tumour. Enjoy!

Club Polymath

Hey peeps!

The word polymath comes from the Greek: πολυμαθήςpolymathēs, “having learned much” i.e. someone who is brilliant at loads of things. I don’t think we use this word enough. Some of us are proud to be “geeks”, which means we are super keen on a particular subject, or “nerds”, also super keen on a particular subject but with less cool t-shirts. I wear these which are pretty darn cool. If you are clever and talented you may have been called worse things than a geek or nerd, but never mind the jealousy. My credo is “Dream, Strive, Achieve”, which is the happy, centred ideal between “Live, Laugh, Love”, and “Bind, Torture, Kill”. 

On this website, I would like to enthuse about lots of things – not just what I can do, but also how talented my friends are.

Think about all the horrible people in the world: dictators, haters with followers, online trolls. They all had that one talent and made it work for them! Isn’t it time you took your much vaster potential for awesomeness and made the world a brighter, happier place? Be Leonardo DaVinci! Be Madame de Pompadour! Be Danny Devito (Renaissance Man)!

Join my club!

Or, easier, join an Arts Lab.

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