Who is Donna Scott?


My name’s Donna like the kebab.

I’m originally from the Black Country but now live in beauteous Northampton. I love visiting cathedrals, tea rooms and big hills. I really love cheese, cakes, and cider and I’m currently learning Japanese.

I’m a writer, editor, comedian, podcast presenter, storyteller, performance poet, actor and general gadabout.

My stand-up persona is mostly me, but she has less control over what her face is doing. Neither of us can keep a bolero on our shoulders.

Just like my bolero, my comedy career has been mostly on for the last few years, with just a few breaks – literally – here and there, and the odd battle with not exactly DEATH, but definitely Very Poorly. Very Poorly carries a catheter bag around instead of a scythe.

Nonetheless, I have achieved many things!

Comedy and Performing

As a comedian, I have performed all over the UK, and have taken my one-woman hour shows to Leicester Comedy Festival, Everybody’s Reading and City Festivals.

I’m a Not so New Comedian of the Year finalist, and my writing has appeared on BBC’s Newsjack. I also reached the final 10 of BBC New Voices competition in 2019.

I have headlined some gigs and small festivals but you won’t know me from telly unless you saw me on The Chase. But I have acted on stage, and I’m a background artist in this film.

As a performance poet I won the first Bard of Northampton competition. 

I’m part of the children’s comedy show The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which won Best Children’s Show at Greater Manchester Fringe in 2019 and Leicester Comedy Festival in 2020.

My British Comedy Guide profile is here. My podcast The Lemonade Budget for champagne Social Butterflies link is here for Podbean (also available on iTunes and Spotify). And my YouTube channel is here.

Writing and Editing

I am a well-renowned editor of genre fiction. Along with Jamie Spracklen, I edited Visionary Tongue magazine (the new writing showcase magazine established by fantasy author Storm Constantine), and have worked as freelance proofreader and copy-editor for Immanion Press, Rebellion, Games Workshop, Angry Robot, Oxford University Press, and Gollancz. Beside these publishing houses, I have worked with many other authors and independent presses, including Alan Moore, for whom I worked on his novel Jerusalem. I am also the editor of the Newcon Press Best of British Science Fiction anthology series, now in its fourth iteration.

“If you want quality Science Fiction to make you think and ponder and dream then seek it out.” – SF Crowsnest.

I’m currently working on Super World Unknown – an anthology featuring work from members of Northampton Arts Lab, other regional Arts Labs, and other Northampton writers. Work by Alan Moore, Alistair Fruish, KB Willson, Kev Rooney and others will feature!

I am also a Director and former Chair of the British Science Fiction Association.


My short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Here are a few on the Behemoth Bookseller website, gathered here for my own convenience. If you spot something you would like to read, please look up the original publisher and see if you can buy it direct, that way more people who did the actual work get paid.

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