My Weird Sense of Tumour

I’ve just updated my See My Stuff page with all my Leicester Comedy Festival appearances so far, but with less than 2 weeks to go before my own full show Weird Sense of Tumour, now is time for the Big Push ahead of the night. Another thing that’s just like a baby then!

I’ve put such a lot of effort into this show, and it’s about a subject very close to my heart – well, much closer to other organs, and in fact stuck to them – and so I really hope you can come.

It’s late, it’s midweek, but it is the UK’s oldest (and I would argue, best) comedy festival and it’s in a smashing venue – Manhattan 34, styled on a New York Prohibition era speakeasy. They have very delicious wines, beers and cocktails, and they are very groovy indeed! So I’m hoping there will be a good crowd on the night. Thing is, it’s Pay What You Want, so a lot of people will just turn up on the door, leaving me all panicky about it until the very last minute. If you book a ticket and its super-crowded though, won’t you feel smug?

Come see my show about what an absolute freak I am. I’m a total anomaly. It’s amazing I’m alive! There’s teen embarrassment, there’s awkward medical moments, and lots of wow. It’s like Adam Kay’s This is Going to Hurt, but from the patient’s point of view if you will. I’m not as clever as him – even though I am a genius. But you get the picture!

Weird Sense of Tumour then… Manhattan 34, Rutland Street Leicester Tuesday 8th February, doors 9.10pm for show start 9.30pm, finished by 10.30pm. Absolutely free to get in, bucket rattle on the way out.

And I’m at lots of other gigs during LCF – check out See My Stuff.

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