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First of all, apologies for interrupting your day with yet more awesome news, hot on the heels of No More Heroes being available to pre-order. But I have yet more book news. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you for the cover featured above is indeed the promised artwork by the very talented Alex Storer for the next instalment of The Best of British Science Fiction, available for pre-order from Newcon Press now. Although I read many fantastic stories in 2020, this is the cream of them in my opinion. A cream of stories is like cream of asparagus, in that they were growing out in the field in 2020, and I have just picked them all now (in asparagus and award selection season!) and they are indeed brilliantly delicious things grown in Britain. Moreover I am putting them in a can for your consumption at a later date. However, they are also not like asparagus because it’s not just me and a few oddbods who’ll love them. There is a glut of 26 stories to delight every palate, including the BSFA-Award-winning “Infinite Tea in the Demara Cafe” by Ida Keogh, which is a particularly foodie tale, and which I was thrilled to be able to include here, as well as other brilliant stories like “War Crimes” by M. R. Carey (The Girl With All the Gifts) and “Blue and Blue and Blue and Pink” by Lavie Tidhar (my most frequently selected contributor, who was recently namedropped in Antkind by Charlie Kaufman, lol!). Plus from Northampton Science Fiction Writers group (though neither of them live anywhere near) Neil Williamson (The Moon King) and Ian Watson (The Jonah Kit, Flies of Memory, The Embedding, Mockymen). Plus many more fabulous writers, and no further mentions of food. Except for milk. And pineapples. But no asparagus!

Don’t forget my dedicated blog, on which I will be posting excited related content ahead of the official launch on July 27th.

Poster advertising comedy night at The Lab, Northampton from 7pm £3 [email protected]

A lot of my comedy pals have already been posting about their nerves and elation about getting back into comedy. I had deliberately not jumped straight back in due to fatigue (Long Covid), so I have all the nerves to come… but here is that first gig now, just round the corner. I’m dead excited! It’s also at The Lab, which is the spiritual home of Northampton Arts Lab, and where we used to meet before it was all zooming. Having recently opened for the first time since Lockdown with a plush new refurb, I can’t wait to see the place.

Here is the link for it on Facebook and I’m sure you will agree that it’s a bargain indeed. Not just because you get to see me, oh no, you get:

Pete Teckman, winner of Silver Stand Up, and support for Bernie Keith.
Alfie Moore, from Radio 4’s It’s a Fair Cop.
Dan Mayo presenter of MKFM.
Jen Strike, from various award-winning improv groups, including The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Improvoke.
MC – me – Donna Scott, BBC New Voices finalist, and First Bard of Northampton.

I am sure I will be sparkling and zappy by then, and will also have had the energy to record a long-awaiting episode of The Lemonade Budget for Champagne Social Butterflies. It’s been so long that it is a shock it is still in the stand-up charts but it is. Thank you so much lovely listeners. I will be back, I promise!

And to add to the list of comedy achievements, the first animation by my comedy group The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which has been winning all sort of shiny accolades since March, just got another with a selection for Southport International Film Festival Woo! If you would like to see our film again, it’s here.

And in final news for this week, I have a gig as a reviewer for the hottest new thing in the world of SF: ParSec magazine, launching this August. Get a load of the contents pages for the first issues here, where you can also subscribe.

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