Save Ian From the Bookvalanche!

I am reliably informed that a number of books to which I have contributed or edited are part of the monstrous mass encroaching on the workspace of my publisher and pal, Ian Whates.

Quite ridiculously, Ian is ignoring the sensible thing to do when you find you have too many books, which is to move to a bigger house, and is instead proposing a FLASH SALE. Some titles are going for as little as a squid. I mean some squid are enormous, but you can still fit them in a shopping trolley slot because they are magic. If you ever see a shopping trolley in a river or canal, that’s the squid inside them trying to get home.

There are lots of brilliant books in the sale, but if you want something by me, check out:

Shoes, Ships and Cadavers

X Marks the Spot

Best of British Science Fiction 2016

Best of British Science Fiction 2018

The Best of Visionary Tongue

What else is there? There are Clarke Award-winning authors: Anne Charnock; Chris Beckett; Adrian Tchaikovsky; Gwyneth Jones. Also, BSFA Award-winners Ian Watson; Gareth L Powell; Dave Hutchinson. These are fantastic writers expanding their commercially successful universes, dancing at the quirky edges of papery deliciousness in all their small press freedoms.

There’s Ian’s own fabulous books from the Dark Angels trilogy. If you like Blake’s 7 or Firefly, you’ll love these books! There’s the fabulously gripping Rise by Kim Lakin about a privileged woman, fallen from grace overcoming her own hatred after the scales have fallen from her eyes and fighting evil. There’s Liz Williams and Eric Brown – some of the best writing out there, and Williams’ Comet Weather has been a word of mouth hit. Rachel Armstrong and Simon Morden are your polymath literary-minded scientists, and their books are here too. Plus, wonderful books by the much missed Storm Constantine, including some of her brilliant short fiction.

I mean, if you are going to have too many books, it’s quite nice that they’re all fantastic.

Don’t bother with an airfryer, or whatever other junk you were thinking of putting on your shelves. These books are far prettier, and more nutritious too.




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